About Us


Our vision is to offer customers the opportunity to express their emotions in a unique, simple, and affordable arrangement. The act of gifting flowers is a way to express, “I love you” figuratively, but our products elevate that emotion into, “I Love You Nancy and You Will Always Be Mine,” literally printed on fresh roses.

Customers can take a step further and print their loved one’s faces or signatures or any pictures, on fresh roses. Our unique printing methods allow customers to bring their imagination to life on a personal level. Get your flowers delivered in 48 hours or more all around GTA including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton.

Vivid Arrangements is the only authorized licencee that offers these customized arrangements exclusively in the Greater Toronto Area. Our patented printing method is completed with utmost care and does not damage the quality of fresh flowers. In addition, the print is waterproof and will last as long as the flowers.